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Uncategorised The Tower of London and Tower Bridge
Capt. William Wells Tagged:
History The tragic story of Oradour Sur Glane 1944
Patrick Hayes Tagged: France | History | World War 2 | Tragedy
History The Transport Revolution Canals, Roads and Railways 1750-1850
Don Chiswell Tagged: Railways | Roads | Transport | Canals
East of England
History The Treasures of Dorset
Christopher Legrand Tagged: History | Architecture | Churches | Landscapes
South West
Entertainment The Truth About This Charming Man
Peter Jones Tagged: Author | Entertainment | Fun | Books
East of England
History The truth behind Magna Carta
Historical Interpretation Tagged: Medieval History | Magna Carta | History | Middle Ages
History The Twentieth Century Policeman
Vic Botterill Talks Tagged: Police | History
Science The UFO Reality
Peter Tiernan Tagged: Ufo | Abductions
North West
Entertainment The ukulele and its music
Eric Lucas Tagged:
South West
Science The Uncertainty of Mr Heisenberg
Roy Gunson Tagged: Science | History | Germany | Ww2
Yorkshire & Humber
Uncategorised The Unique Medium
Amanda-Eloise Barrymore Tagged:
South East
History The unsolved mystery of Mary Ashford. A case that changed English law forever.
Patrick Hayes Tagged: 19Th Century | Hauntings | Murder | Paranormal
Travel The USA Pacific Coast Highway: Getty and Giants
Norman Harris Tagged: Usa Pacific Coast
North West
History The Victorian fair: freak shows and fisticuffs
Dr Ann Featherstone Tagged: Entertainment | History | Victorian | Fairs
East Midlands
History The Victorian Way of Death
'Breathing Life into History' Tagged:

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