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Tasked with the problem of finding a speaker or entertainment for an upcoming meeting or event? SpeakerNet is here to help. With our index of UK wide speakers, both charitable and paid, plus all kinds of after-dinner entertainers, you are sure to find someone to fit the bill.

Our filters and search tools make it easy for speaker-finders to engage just the right person for their next event.

SpeakerNet is not an agent. We are an introduction service. Once you are in communications with a speaker or entertainer all the arrangements are between you. All we ask is that you report back your experience to help others in the future

All sorts of clubs and associations can use SpeakerNet; U3A, Rotary, Inner Wheel, 41 Club, Womens Institute etc.

Our listed public speakers cover a wide range of topics such as History, Sport, Life Skills, Science, Hobbies and Travel. Some of our speakers charge a fee, some just expenses and some would like support for their Charities

SpeakerNet is free to use, however you may come across the occasional advert. In addition, some speakers pay a little extra to bring their listing to your attention.

latest talks

Entertainment Cake,Sweat and Gears
Paul Andrew Tagged: Cycling | Charity
East of England
History The Devil's Daughter and Me
Footsteps Tagged: Family History | Genealogy | Ancestry | Family Trees
South West
History The Georgians: Leisure, Pleasure and Consumption
Elaine Buss Tagged: Amusing | Culture | Educational
South West
Life Skills Declutter 1.01: A Whistlestop Tour Around The World Of Decluttering: The What, The Why and The How
Cluttered to Cleared Tagged: Declutter | Decluttering | Clutter
Life Skills Hypnotherapy- changing perception of this wonderful miracle cure!
Anunna Healing Tagged: Hypnotherapy | Health And Well-Being | Mindset | Change Of Life
Yorkshire & Humber
Life Skills HypnoBirthing- birthing your baby in calmness and tranquillity!
Anunna Healing Tagged: Pregnancy | Hypnotherapy | Nature | Mindset
Yorkshire & Humber
Life Skills The power of your mind can change your environment!
Anunna Healing Tagged: Hypnotherapy | Mindfulness | Change Of Life | Hypnosis
Yorkshire & Humber
History A Walk around Rye
History Walks Tagged: By Gone Days
South East
Health How to use a Defibrillator
Peter Savage Tagged: Defibrillators | Cardiac Arrest | Saving Lives
East Midlands
Entertainment Can you remember??
Peter Savage Tagged: Amusing | Light-Hearted | Wide-Ranging | General Interest
East Midlands
History From Wallis Simpson to Meghan Markle
Steven Jenkins Tagged: Royal Family | British History
History From Winston Churchill to Boris Johnson
Steven Jenkins Tagged: Politics | Government | British History

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