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Humanities "No Man is an Island" - the ideas and poetry of John Donne
Jeremy Holmes Tagged: British History | Poetry | Controversy | The Church
South East
Humanities 5th Dimension and Forgiveness
Pamela J Goodall Tagged: 5Th Dimension | Forgiveness | Love
South West
Humanities All about Angels
Pamela J Goodall Tagged: Angels | Love | Peace | God
South West
Humanities Asexual Fairy Tales: The #OwnVoices of the Ancestors
Elizabeth Hopkinson Tagged: Fairy Tales | Lgbtq+ | Books Writing | Authors
Yorkshire & Humber
Humanities Becoming a Writer
Helen Stockton Tagged: Author | Books Writing | Light-Hearted
South East
Humanities Chakras 3rd to 5th dimension
Pamela J Goodall Tagged: Chakras | 3Rd Dimension | 5Th Dimension
South West
Humanities Chinese New Year suitable for Year 1 children
Sheila Lum Tagged: Celebrating | Customs | Culture | Education
Yorkshire & Humber
Humanities Crime and Punishment, from the Anglo Saxons to present day
Eric Jackson Tagged: History; | Law And Order | Punishment
Yorkshire & Humber
Humanities Detecting Forged Signatures
JamesonD Handwriting Specialist Tagged: Forensics | Handwriting | Signatures | Graphology
South West
Humanities Fairies and Elementals
Pamela J Goodall Tagged: Fairies | Elementals
South West
Humanities Famous Psychics
Colin Bower Tagged: Paranormal
Humanities Forgive - why we should
Pamela J Goodall Tagged: Forgiveness | Love
South West
Humanities Forgotten Fiction
Handheld Press Tagged: Reading | Books | History | Publishing
South West
Humanities Gender Fluidity in Folktales
Janet Dowling Tagged: Storytelling | Transgender | Folklore
South West
Humanities Is Every Religion a Hoax?
Burt Flannery Tagged:
West Midlands

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