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History A courageous and skilled shot; Montenegro’s photographer Princess Ksenia (1881 – 1960)
Elizabeth Gowing Tagged: Montenegro | Royalty | Photography | Women
Entertainment A History of Women Crime Writers
Janet James Tagged: Crime Writing | Women | History | Literary
North West
History A soldier and his wife
Mel Wilson Tagged: History | Women | Military History | Napoleonic Wars
East Midlands
History A Storm in a Teashop: the Waitresses' Strike of 1908
Dr Ann Featherstone Tagged: History | Women
East Midlands
Entertainment A Taste of Burlesque
Rachel Warrillow Tagged: Burlesque | Women | Lifestyle | Fun
West Midlands
History A Woman's Place
Briga and Friends Tagged: Medieval History | Women
East of England
Life Skills Aberlone, Rose Quartz, Amethyst - Robert's Gemstone Road Show
Rosewood Tagged: Women | Teaching | Life Coach | Inspiration
Charity Baskets, Bottletops and Banana leaves- life as a volunteer in Rwanda
Mary Watkins Tagged: Africa | Children | Education | Women
History Crocodile Poo and Bear Grease
Briga and Friends Tagged: Romans | Women | Fashion
East of England
History Cyclones in Calico – Women in the American Civil War
David Skillen Tagged: Military | Women | American History
Entertainment Dodie Smith - From Manchester to 101 Dalmatians
Janet James Tagged: Writing | Women | Literary | Dogs
North West
Travel Extraordinary Balkan explorer and anthropologist, Edith Durham
Elizabeth Gowing Tagged: Biography | History | Travel | Women
History Forgotten women - Derby County Asylum
the curious past Tagged: Asylum | Mickleover | 18Th Century | Women
East Midlands
History Gertrude Savile - a Georgian Lady from Rufford Abbey
Ruth Imeson Da Silva Tagged: History | Local History | Women | Family History
East Midlands
Science Mary Lee Berners-Lee, a remarkable woman
Julie Kenny Tagged: Women | Career | Computer | History
East of England

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