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Hobbies 'Going to (Honey) Pot!' - Plant a Container with Bees in MInd
The Bee Garden Tagged: Bees | Container | Gardening | Plants
Entertainment 'Late-Flowering Lyricist'
Miranda Pender Tagged: Inspiration | Humour | Live Music | Story Telling
South West
Entertainment 'Lifting the Lid'
Miranda Pender Tagged: Family History | Humour | Story Telling | Live Music
South West
Hobbies 'Where the Bee Sucks. . . ' - Maureen's Top 10 Bee-friendly Plants
The Bee Garden Tagged: Bees | Perennials | Gardening
Entertainment "That's a Wrap"
Steve Lester Tagged:
East of England
Charity "What a difference a dog makes" 'Dogs for Good' (formerly Dogs for the Disabled)
Ken Heathcote Tagged: Assistance Dogs | /living With A Disability
East Midlands
History 1,000 Years of Fashion: From the Conquesting Normans to the Age of Steam
The Lady Knight Tagged: Fashion | Clothes | History | After Dinner Entertainment
East of England
Life Skills 10 tips to make you a better speaker
David Hopkins Tagged: Public Speaking | Men | Wateraid
History 1066 - King Harold's March from London
History Walks Tagged: 1066 | Battle Of Hastings | King Harold Ii
South East
History 1066 William's March on London
History Walks Tagged: 1066 | Norman Conquest | Battle Of Hastings | Duke William Of Normandy
South East
Entertainment 15 minutes of fame
Andy Nichols Tagged: Humourous | Theatre | Fame
East Midlands
Uncategorised 15 Years of my life I can't get back
Adam Pagett Tagged: Addiction | Inspiration
History 150 years of Primary Education as seen through Five Generations of my Family
Michael Dix Tagged: Education | Schools | Family History | History
East Midlands
History 1918, The Last Hundred Days: How Some Devon Newspapers Reported the Final Stage of the War
Robert Hesketh Tagged: Great War | History | Local History | Politics
South West
Life Skills 28,000 days in the average lifetime what will you do with yours
Ian Buckingham Tagged: Life Coach
East Midlands


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