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Nature An Appreciation of Trees
Dr Richard Gulliver Tagged: Trees | Countryside | Wildlife | Folklore
West Midlands
Entertainment Anecdotes of an Ordinary Gentleman
Tim Forman Consulting Tagged: Business | Entertainment | Folklore | Humourous
Uncategorised Bellringing Customs and Traditions
Mark Lewis Tagged: Folklore
South East
History Chaffer Legge, Ratty Porter & Granny Hall – The old Fenland Storytellers
Telling History Tagged: Folklore | Fenland | Storytellers
East of England
History Colloquialisms
Anthony Poulton-Smith Tagged: Words | Tales | Folklore | History
West Midlands
History Concealed Objects and Written Charms; Protection in the Medieval Period
Elaine Perkins Tagged: Amusing | Folklore | Medieval | Superstitions
East Midlands
Uncategorised Cribs, Cards and Christingles - The Origins of Christmas Traditions and Customs
Mark Lewis Tagged: Christmas | Folklore
South East
Uncategorised Cups and their Customs
Mark Lewis Tagged: Drinks | Folklore | Superstitions
South East
Entertainment Devon Composers
Robert Hesketh Tagged: Entertainment | Folklore | Heritage | Live Music
South West
Entertainment Devon Ghost Tales
Janet Dowling Tagged: Storytelling | Ghosts | Folklore | Devon
South West
Entertainment Devon Ghosts
Robert Hesketh Tagged: Ghosts | Folklore | Entertainment | Local History
South West
Entertainment Folklore, Folk Tales and Funny Folk
Class In A Coat Tagged: Folklore | Law And Order | Local History | Traditions
East Midlands
History Forgotten Holidays
Anthony Poulton-Smith Tagged: Holiday | History | Folklore | Rites
West Midlands
History From Plough Witching to Christmas Waits - Cambridgeshire Calendar Customs
Telling History Tagged: Folklore | Customs | Cambridgeshire
East of England
Humanities Gender Fluidity in Folktales
Janet Dowling Tagged: Storytelling | Transgender | Folklore
South West

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