Why list yourself as a speaker?

We are really pleased that you might consider being listed on SpeakerNet

If you have questions these may be covered below

It is totally risk free

You can add your details yourself, you can also remove them yourself at any time

There is no cost to be listed (ever)

SpeakerNet is provided as a free service to both speakers and enquirers

At some point we may need to raise some funds to cover the costs associated with running the site, and this may be through discreet advertising or by offering Speakers the facility to promote their own services

Data protection concerns?

Novate (the company behind this site) is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and assures you of safe keeping of your data. You can review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

Afraid of getting spammed?

Your details are never seen by visitors (unless you include them in the body of your biography for instance), and enquiries come through the website and are sent as an email to you. It is then up to you how you contact the enquirer and what contact details you provide at that point


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