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History 'A little of what you fancy' Victorian Nottingham's music halls, entertainments and juicy gossip
Milly Lawson Tagged: Music Hall | Nottinghamshire | Victorian | Entertainment
East Midlands
History 'A Poor Existence' - Victorian Street Life
Sun Jester Tagged: Victorian | History | Poverty | London
History 'A Warning to Country Folk' - Tales from the Elizabethan Underworld
Sun Jester Tagged: Tudors | History | Crime | London
History 'Before the Zip' – The invisible history of textiles and their makers
Sun Jester Tagged: History | Clothes | Textiles | Society
History 'Don't Poke the Bear' - Five Days in August - the Russian Invasion of Georgia 2008
Clive Trott Tagged: Conflict | Russia | Georgian | History
History 'It Started with a kiss' - the life and times of Dylan Thomas
Jacqueline Sutton Tagged: Authors
South West
History 'Mothers Ruin' The story of Gin
Milly Lawson Tagged: Gin | Tasting | Gin Craze | Nottinghamshire
East Midlands
History 'Orrible Murders!
Nigel Callaghan Tagged: Local History | Ceredigion | Cardiganshire | Wales
History 'Poisons for Medicine' - Victorian Pharmacists and Quack Doctors:
Sun Jester Tagged: Victorian | History | Medicine | Poisons
History 'Science and Superstition' - Medicine in the Roman Empire
Sun Jester Tagged: Romans | History | Superstitions | Medicine
History 'Sense and Insensibility' - The History of Chloroform
Sun Jester Tagged: Victorian | History | Medicine | Poisons
History 'The Banker who wanted to blow up Hitler' - Bob Brand, Lord Brand of Eydon
Sun Jester Tagged: History | Politics | People | Early 20 Centuary
History 'The Montpellier of Suffolk': Bury St Edmunds' French Connections
Adrian Tindall Tagged: 1066 Norman Conquest | Tudors | Georgian | World War 2
East of England
History 'Vice and Villainy' Crime in Victorian Nottingham
Milly Lawson Tagged: Nottinghamshire | Crime | Victorian | Murder
East Midlands
History 'Wedlocked' – Women, Know Your Place!
Sun Jester Tagged: History | Women | Society | Humour

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