'1066: An exploration of the Bayeux Tapestry'

Kindra Jones

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30th January 2021
1066 | 1066 Battle Of Hastings | Bayeux Tapestry | Textiles

An uniquely historical and artistic masterpiece, this 11th-century embroidery depicts the conquest of England over almost 70 meters. After giving an overview of the piece and some of the characters and the scenes depicted within it, Kindra Jones will bring the 'tapestry' to life, delving deeper within this epic work to uncover its mysteries and revealing some unlikely surprises hidden within its stitches.

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About Kindra Jones

Professional historian, author, and presenter Kindra Jones has a love and enthusiasm for history that goes beyond the pages of books. Drawing on her own experiences, her talks will entertain all as she brings the past to life using her extensive collection of historical props and costume.

A natural born adventurer, Kindra has sailed a medieval ship, lived in a round house, helped populate a medieval village, stroked tigers, climbed a volcano, travelled to visit the legendary Japanese mountain monks, the Yamabushi, and cast her own sword. As well as graduating from university with a first class honours, Kindra's experience includes fifteen years of working in heritage venues around the UK and abroad, not only talking about history, but living it!

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