'A little of what you fancy' Victorian Nottingham's music halls, entertainments and juicy gossip

Milly Lawson

East Midlands
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
9th October 2020
Music Hall | Nottinghamshire | Victorian | Entertainment

Outrageously flirtatious, marvellously mischievous and enticingly entertaining, Mildred Freeman invites you to join her for “A Little of What you Fancy”. Hear stories of Nottingham’s Victorian past with tales of Music Halls, bull baiting, boxing matches and wife selling. accompanied by a little Victorian vice and villainy. Be prepared to be wowed by Nottingham’s leading operatic comedienne and humorously tickled with Victorian slang and phrase. You are sure to leave the engagement a positive giggle mugs!

All talks are available on zoom and are presented in full Victorian costume live from Mildred's parlour!

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