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History Bess of Hardwick
Don Chiswell Tagged: Elizabeth I | Tudors
East of England
History Elizabeth I - Ultimate PR & Pragmatism?
Sandy Leong Tagged: Tudors | History
History Henry VIII - the Highs & Lows
Sandy Leong Tagged: Tudors | History
History Henry VIII and the Reformation
Don Chiswell Tagged: Tudors | Reformation | Henry Viii
East of England
History Introducing the Tudors with Nursery Rhymes
Sandy Leong Tagged: History | Tudors | Nursery Rhymes
History John Darrell - Elizabethan Exorcist
Ruth Da Silva Tagged: Paranormal | Local History | Tudors | History
East Midlands
History Katherine of Aragon
Don Chiswell Tagged: Tudors | Henry Viii
East of England
Entertainment Lumina – Music for Commoners and Courtiers:
Sun Jester Tagged: History | Entertainment | Live Music | Tudors
History Mary Queen of Scots
Don Chiswell Tagged: Tudors | Stuarts | Scotland
East of England
History Raleigh, Spice and Roanoke
Lynne Ditchburn Tagged: History | Trade | Tudors
Yorkshire & Humber
History Richard III and the Battle of Bosworth Field
Don Chiswell Tagged: Medieval History | Military History | Richard Iii | Tudors
East of England
History Spicing Up a Tudor Life
Sandy Leong Tagged: Tudors | History | Trade
History Tales from the Elizabethan Underworld - A Warning To Country Folk:
Sun Jester Tagged: Tudors | History | Crime
History The bizarre beauty of Elizabethan women!
Jayne Harris Tagged: Middle Ages | Tudors | Medieval History | Social History
History The fate of them both will soon be known: the Howards and the wrath of Henry VIII.
Katie Bridger Tagged: Tudors | Henry Viii | Anne Boleyn | Katherine Howard
East Midlands


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