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Entertainment A history of the Punch & Judy show and my journey with him
Mr Tagged: Entertainment | History | Seaside | Victorian
South East
History Arsenic - The Victorian Housewife’s Friend:
Mr Tagged: Crime | History | Victorian
History Catherine Booth, Mother of the Salvation Army
'Breathing Life into History' Tagged: Biography | Victorian | Christianity
History Charles Dickens
Don Chiswell Tagged: Charles Dickens | Literary | Victorian
East of England
History Chloroform – Sense and Insensibility:
Mr Tagged: Victorian | History | Health
History Cook's Tours
'Breathing Life into History' Tagged: Biography | Victorian | History
History Death in Disguise
Gary Powell Tagged: Victorian | Crime | Murder
East of England
History Dickens of a Christmas
Study Experiences Tagged: Victorian | Charles Dickens | Christmas
South West
History Every Picture Tells a Story
'Breathing Life into History' Tagged: Art | Victorian | Death
History Fools and horses: the Victorian circus
Dr Ann Featherstone Tagged: History | Victorian | Circus | Entertainment
East Midlands
History Ichabod Wright: Nottingham banker and geneaologist
Ruth Imeson Da Silva Tagged: Genealogy | Victorian | History | Nottinghamshire
East Midlands
Health Is the Modern World making us sick?
Anne, The Bustle Lady Tagged: Modern Life | Victorian | Food | Poisons
Yorkshire & Humber
Hobbies Joseph Paxton, 'the busiest man in England'.
'Breathing Life into History' Tagged: Architecture | Biography | History | Victorian
Uncategorised Lewis Carroll's Places
Andy Collins Tagged: Alice | Carroll | Victorian | Literature
North East
Hobbies Looking for a tree - Finding a Pinetum
David Gedye Tagged: Victorian | Trees | Pinetum | Gardens

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