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The Lady Knight
Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Online Talks:
Yes, group must organise

Professional historian, author, and presenter Kindra Faulks has a love and enthusiasm for history that goes beyond the pages of books. Drawing on her own experiences, her talks will entertain all as she brings the past to life using her extensive collection of historical props and costume.

A natural born adventurer, Kindra has sailed a medieval ship, lived in a round house, helped populate a medieval village, stroked tigers, climbed a volcano, travelled to visit the legendary Japanese mountain monks, the Yamabushi, and cast her own sword. As well as graduating from university with a first class honours, Kindra's experience includes fifteen years of working in heritage venues around the UK and abroad, not only talking about history, but living it!

Feedback received:

'Many thanks for your splendid presentation today. An expert and enthusiastic exposition embracing so much background, it really was spellbinding. It was very much appreciated by all, thank you again.'

'The committee have asked me to contact you to pass on a special note of thanks for your visit and talk that you presented to us last month. We had lots of positive feedback which I am sure you are aware of with people trying to book you for their various groups. I usually e-mail a speaker to say thanks, apologies for not doing so in your case, something I felt was probably not necessary as I had already told you how much we enjoyed your visit. However, I have never been asked to send a vote of thanks by the committee before for a very special talk and presentation. Needless to say it was very well received.'

'I have just returned from holiday and have had some lovely comments from attendees at your talk. I have received this from one member and it will go into our newsletter.

“Dressed jauntily for the part, Kindra delivered a lively talk showcasing her obvious enthusiasm for her subject backed up by fascinating examples of extremely heavy chain mail. She gave a well-researched overview of the Bayeaux Tapestry but also raised interesting questions about the finer details of our long accepted perceptions of this epic battle, leaving it to her audience to decide whether or not the facts contained therein can be taken at face value or whether they have been altered in the telling of the story.”

Thank you so much – I am very sorry that I missed it!!!'

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