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History A historical approach to the Central Asian conflicts on the Silk Road and the Great Game and beyond
Phil Cooper HistoricTravelTalks Tagged: Central Asia | Silk Road | Great Game | Mongols
East Midlands
History A historical tour of Whitby
Peter Hammond Tagged: General And Local History
East Midlands
History A History of Bolton Royal Infirmary
Mrs Frances Raftery Tagged:
North West
History A history of gardening in Britain
Nigel Start Tagged: Gardening | General And Local History | History Talks Speakers
East of England
History A History of Hydraulic Fluid Power
Steve Skinner Presentations Tagged: Industrial Archaeology | Engineering | History
History A History of Smalley
Robert Mee Tagged: Derbyshire
History A History of West Hallam
Robert Mee Tagged: Derbyshire
History A journey from England to Barbados and Demerara and back in 1803
Peter Covey-Crump Tagged: Demerara | Plantation | Nature | Travel
South West
History A Kiwi in Cambridge: Lord Rutherford, the Father of Nuclear Physics
Neil Dickinson Tagged:
East of England
History A Line in the Sand – The fall of the Alamo and the rise of Texas.
David Skillen Tagged: American History | Military History
History A Load of Codd's Wallop ~ the story of glass bottles
Peter Hammond Tagged: History
East Midlands
History A Load of Rubbish
Briga and Friends Tagged: Archaeology
East of England
History A look back at the 60s
Study Experiences Tagged: 1960S Tv | 1960S Toys | 1960S Music | 1960S Fashion
South West
History A Look Round Attercliffe
Mike Higginbottom Tagged: Sheffield | Architecture | Social History
History A mildly misspent youth
Author of Children's and Science Fiction books Tagged: Youth | Growing Pains | Usaf | Fame
Yorkshire & Humber

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