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History A Saxon Naval Base in Chichester Harbour
Philip MacDougall Tagged: 1066 | Local History | Medieval | Norman Conquest
South East
History A Servants Lot
Judy Hubble Tagged:
West Midlands
History A Social History of Cutlery
Mark Lewis Tagged:
South East
History A soldier and his wife
Mel Wilson Tagged: History | Women | Military History | Napoleonic Wars
East Midlands
History A Storm in a Teashop: the Waitresses' Strike of 1908
Dr Ann Featherstone Tagged: History | Women
East Midlands
History A stretcher bearer in WW1 - William Coltman VC, DCM & bar, MM & bar.
Tim Coltman Tagged: Inspiration | Great War | History | Military
West Midlands
History A tale of wealth, separation, murder and a hanging.
the curious past Tagged: Nobleman | Murder | Staunton Harold Hall | Leicestershire
East Midlands
History A Taste of Tudor Ilkeston
Stephen Flinders Tagged: History
History A Toast to William Hoste – for his part in saving the jewels of the Adriatic
Cathy Shelbourne Tagged: William Hoste | Norfolk | Maritime History
East of England
History A Victorian Head Gardener
F. E. Burroughes. Tagged: Gardens | General And Local History | Plants | Social
South West
History A Welsh Saint, ST Tysilio
Historical Interpretation Tagged: Anglo-Saxons | Christianity | Story Telling
History A Woman's Place
Briga and Friends Tagged: Medieval History | Women
East of England
History A-Z of Halifax (book) - more than 26 things you didn't know about Halifax
Trish Colton Tagged: Genereal Interest
Eastern Scotland
History Above Us The Stars - A day in the life of a Bomber Command crewman
Jane Gulliford Lowes Tagged: History | World War 2 | Military History | Local And Family History
North East
History Above us the Waves - Submarine Warfare 1900-1945
Mr Tagged: History | Inventions | Military | Fact
East Midlands

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