'Scattered squalor'...'Downland Homes': aspects of housing history

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12th October 2020

Between the wars there was an enormous growth in British suburban housing, but not all were Tudorbethan semis with clipped lawns and an Austin 7 in the drive. Many were what are now termed 'plotlands', but in the past had harsher terms applied- hutments, track and shack or simply shanty towns...a term now viewed with much disfavour! As a result of research for my doctorate I studied these plotlands in various UK locations, their origins, growth, demise and even disappearance. They are a largely ignored aspect of our housing history but one that has implications for present day and future UK landscapes

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About Dr Geoffrey Mead

I am an Associate Tutor with the Geography team at the University of Sussex where I thought I had retired...10 years ago! I specialise in the landscapes of SE England, in both urban and rural areas and I did my doctorate in the suburban growth of the interwar period. I taught adult education for nearly 30 years at Sussex where I worked in the Landscape Studies degree team and was Convenor for Local History. I give talks across SE England to a wide range of groups, from universities to local history societies, WI groups , U3A, Probus and Round Tables. I run weekly classes at local community centres. The most requested from my range of talks are those that combine social history, geography, geology and a 'sense of place'. I can adapt my talks to particular areas or interests.

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