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History Bob Brand - The Banker who wanted to blow up Hitler:
Sun Jester Tagged: History | Politics | People | Society
Travel Can't Speak Chinese but travelling alone
Sheila Lum Tagged: China | People | Lifestyle | Culture
Yorkshire & Humber
Travel Contrasts in China - A Look at Life in the Cities and Countryside
Sheila Lum Tagged: China | Culture | Lifestyle | People
Yorkshire & Humber
History Famous Folk of Stoke
Kath Reynolds Tagged: Stoke-On-Trent | History | People
West Midlands
History Have I got Historic Newspapers for You?
David Alexander Smith Tagged: Hull | Newspapers | People
Yorkshire & Humber
Tony Brewer Tagged: Holiday | Photography | People
East Midlands
Travel Monument Valley and The Navajo Tribe.
Margaret Gilman Tagged: Adventure Travel | Culture | Landscapes | People
East Midlands
History Murders and Misdemeanours in Chichester
Philip MacDougall Tagged: Murder | Local History | Napoleonic Wars | People
South East
History St Paul's Cathedral - An Unusual Guide
Gary Powell Tagged: Architecture | Buildings | Church History | People
East of England
Travel Tales of a Travel Rep
Pamela Holland Tagged: Camargue | Italy | People | Travel
South East
Entertainment The Bob and Dot Show - Vintage musical entertainment:
Sun Jester Tagged: Entertainment | Live Music | History | People
History Victorian Street Life – A Poor Existence:
Sun Jester Tagged: Victorian | History | People | Poverty


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