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East Midlands
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I'm an experienced speaker and trainer, talking on History, archaeology, with a bent towards the psychology of events and material culture. I'm a qualified archaeologist, psychologist and psychotherapist. I do both talks and workshops. I have a enhanced DBS and am able an willing to give talks and workshops in schools or for children's groups as well as adult audiences.

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History Suffragettes and suffragists - Women & the vote.
Mel Wilson Tagged: Suffragettes | Women | History | Politics
East Midlands
History Leicestershire Heritage apples
Mel Wilson Tagged: History | Gardening | Apples | Horticulture
East Midlands
History The History of Beads
Mel Wilson Tagged: History | Archaeology | Beads | Glass
East Midlands
History Bathing beauties and bathing machines
Mel Wilson Tagged: History | Seaside | Holiday | Costume
East Midlands
History A soldier and his wife
Mel Wilson Tagged: History | Women | Military History | Napoleonic Wars
East Midlands
History Sharp Weapon Trauma in Archaeology
Mel Wilson Tagged: History | Archaeology | Military | Swords
East Midlands
Nature Life between two worlds
Mel Wilson Tagged: Seaside | Fish | Science And Nature | Evolution
East Midlands
Hobbies Cider and Cyser
Mel Wilson Tagged: Apples | Brewing | History | Honey Bees
East Midlands
Nature Evolutionary Psychology
Mel Wilson Tagged: Psychology | Evolution | Science And Nature | Genealogy
East Midlands
Life Skills Staying safe online
Mel Wilson Tagged: Computer | Internet | Safety | Cyber
East Midlands
Life Skills Complicated grief and the effects of sudden and traumatic death
Mel Wilson Tagged: Psychology | Bereavement | Counselling | Death
East Midlands
Life Skills Tame Toddlers and Tranquil Teens
Mel Wilson Tagged: Psychology | Children | Parenthood | Attachment
East Midlands