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History A soldier and his wife
Mel Wilson Tagged: History | Women | Military History | Napoleonic Wars
East Midlands
History Glory, Infamy, Rivalry, and Treachery: Napoleon and his Marshals
Matthew Groves Tagged: Napoleonic Wars | Napoleon | 1800S | History
West Midlands
History In the Service of the Emperor: The Life and Experiences of the Napoleonic Soldier
Edward Hammond Tagged: Napoleon | Napoleonic Wars | Military History | History
East Midlands
History Inaction and Fever: Britain, Napoleon, and the Walcheren Expedition of 1809
Matthew Groves Tagged: 1800S | Army | British History | Napoleonic Wars
West Midlands
History London and the Georgian Navy
Philip MacDougall Tagged: Napoleonic Wars | Local History | London | Architecture
South East
History Murders and Misdemeanours in Chichester
Philip MacDougall Tagged: Murder | Local History | Napoleonic Wars | People
South East
History Napoleon's British Obsession: The Invasion of the 'Nation of Shopkeepers'
Edward Hammond Tagged: History | Napoleonic Wars | Napoleon | Military History
East Midlands
History Nelson and the Invasion of Britain
Don Chiswell Tagged: Military History | Napoleonic Wars | Invasion
East of England
History The Napoleonic Wars at Home
Edward Hammond Tagged: History | Local History | Napoleonic Wars | Napoleon
East Midlands
History Thomas Cochrane - Master & Commander
Bill McNaught Tagged: Biography | Napoleonic Wars
South East
History What were the Napoleonic Wars, and why should we remember them?
Gareth Howell Tagged: Napoleonic Wars | Napoleon | Military History
East Midlands

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