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Briga and Friends
East of England
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I am a professional historian and re-enactor with an interest in many different periods of history. After taking my MA in Classical Studies with OU, I worked at Flag Fen Bronze Age Centre for over 10 years developing and delivering the Education programme before starting my own company delivering talks and workshops on a range of historical subjects. I can be seen at local, regional and national living history events including the Peterborough Heritage Festival and the Battles of Tewkesbury and Bosworth. My main interest is in social and domestic history and my talks reflect this rather than the doings of kings and politicians. I talk on subjects from the Bronze Age through to WW2.

I am prepared to travel approximately 50 miles from my home in South Lincolnshire.

"Exactly the right balance of entertainment and information" Feedback from Quorn Local History Group for my Wise Woman talk.

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