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History Around the World in Music and Pictures
Christopher Legrand Tagged: Music | History | Culture | Adventure Travel
South West
History Art and the First World War
Ann Marie Michel Tagged: Art | Culture | Great War | Military
North West
Travel Can't Speak Chinese but travelling alone
Sheila Lum Tagged: China | People | Lifestyle | Culture
Yorkshire & Humber
Travel Contrasts in China - A Look at Life in the Cities and Countryside
Sheila Lum Tagged: China | Culture | Lifestyle | People
Yorkshire & Humber
Nature DOGTASTIC: A Celebration Of All Things Canine In History And Culture
Stephen Poulter Tagged: Pets | Dogs | Culture | History
East of England
History Keep your Hair On
Alan Jones Tagged: Business | Collecting | Culture | Fashion
History Mainly countryside and law
Jerry Pearlman Tagged: Country | Culture | Events | Lancashire And Yorkshire
Yorkshire & Humber
History South Africa Safari
Christopher Legrand Tagged: Africa | Animals | Culture | History
South West
Entertainment Spring Concert (piano, recorder and singing)
Robert Hesketh Tagged: Live Music | Entertainment | Culture
South West
History The beauty and romance of France
Christopher Legrand Tagged: History | Architecture | Culture | Travel
South West
Travel THE HISTORY & MYSTERY OF....... [ 7 ...of Geographical Interest ]
Nethermoor Books Tagged: Community | Culture | Buildings | Industrial Archaeology
Yorkshire & Humber
History The Painted Garden
Russell Bowes Tagged: Art | Culture | Gardening | Gardens
History The Sights and Sounds of New Zealand
Christopher Legrand Tagged: Culture | Landscapes | History | Adventure Travel
South West
History Tiger,Tiger Tiger!
Christopher Legrand Tagged: Adventure Travel | Travel | Historic | Culture
South West
Hobbies TO THE HAMMER BORN: Confessions of an Occasional Auctioneer
Stephen Poulter Tagged: Antiques | Collecting | History | Culture
East of England


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