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Uncategorised Are You in Your Right Mind?
Creative Conundrums Tagged: Mental Health | Creativity | Mental Strength | Mental Wellbeing
South East
Uncategorised Behind the Bathroom Door - a look at hygiene
Abucon Tagged: Hygiene | Cleanliness | Toiletries | Sanitation
East of England
Uncategorised Bellringing Customs and Traditions
Mark Lewis Tagged: Folklore
South East
Uncategorised Bletchley Park and the code breakers
Brian Teall Tagged:
West Midlands
Uncategorised Brinks-Mat Gold Bullion Robbery
Ian Brown Tagged:
South East
Uncategorised Charles Dickens in his own words
Nick Dobson Tagged: Charles Dickens | Fiction | Literature | London
Uncategorised Collecting Secondhand Books
David Siddons Tagged:
East Midlands
Uncategorised Cornish Myths and Legends
Kay Millward Tagged: Ghosts | Superstitions | Legends | Traditions
Uncategorised Country House Novels
Margaret Mills Tagged: Literature | Country Houses | Manor Houses
East of England
Uncategorised Cribs, Cards and Christingles - The Origins of Christmas Traditions and Customs
Mark Lewis Tagged: Christmas | Folklore
South East
Uncategorised Cups and their Customs
Mark Lewis Tagged: Drinks | Folklore | Superstitions
South East
Uncategorised Diamond, Gemstone of Distinction.
Gemstones Talks UK Tagged: Education | Jewellery | History
Uncategorised Doctor to Author
Carol Tetlow Tagged: Medicine | Author | Career | Anecdotes
Uncategorised Domestic Abuse/Violence
Ray Elks Tagged: Domestic Abuse/violence
Uncategorised Don't blame me! I'm responsible! - moving away from blaming put you back in control of your life
David Hopkins Tagged:

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