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Uncategorised The restoration of Middleton Hall
Brian Teall Tagged:
West Midlands
Uncategorised The simple solution - about the work of WaterAid charity
David Hopkins Tagged:
Uncategorised The Sky's the Limit - a (more or less) affectionate history of the skyscraper.
Mike Ogden Tagged: Architecture | Art Deco | Film Clips | Skyscrapers
East Midlands
Uncategorised The Splendour of Jewellery, buying and selling, what to look for.
Gemstones Talks UK Tagged: Art Deco | Buying And Selling | History | Jewellery
Uncategorised The Sumptuous World of Precious Jewels
Mark Lewis Tagged: Jewellery
South East
Uncategorised The Tower of London and Tower Bridge
Capt. William Wells Tagged:
Uncategorised The View From The Bridge.
Captain Julian Blatchley Tagged: Yachting | Marine Collisions | Merchant Navy
North West
Uncategorised The World of Art Deco
Mark Lewis Tagged:
South East
Uncategorised The World of Art Nouveau
Mark Lewis Tagged:
South East
Uncategorised Transgender - Interplanetary Travel From Mars to Venus?
Helen Dale Tagged: Transgender | Gender | Unusual | Women
Uncategorised Upcycling those pre loved items
Susan Coyne Tagged:
North West
Uncategorised Variety Has Been my Spice Of Life
Mike Bearcroft Tagged: Biography | Broadcasting | Change Of Life | Entertainment
South West
Uncategorised various humorous/entertaining/educational
John McCabe Tagged:
North East
Uncategorised Various Talks on writing and military aviation
Paul Hare Tagged:
Uncategorised Visual Illusions
David Siddons Tagged:
East Midlands

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