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Class In A Coat
East Midlands
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Over thirty years spent in the entertainment and heritage industry has furnished Geoff Harris with a wealth of tales that amuse and amaze.

Whether they are stories taken from his life and experiences as a Toastmaster up and down the land, or from his own particular interests in the quirkiness of our country's history and folklore, they all entertain and inform.

A talented and humorous speaker, Geoff currently offers "A Toastmaster's Tales", "Folklore, Folk Tales and Funny Folk", and "The London No-one Tells You About". Each of the talks last anything up to fifty minutes and Geoff is always happy to take questions.

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Listed talks

Entertainment A Toastmaster's Tales
Class In A Coat Tagged: Leicestershire | Public Speaking | Weddings | Rutland
East Midlands
Entertainment Folklore, Folk Tales and Funny Folk
Class In A Coat Tagged: Folklore | Law And Order | Local History | Traditions
East Midlands
History The London No-one Tells You About
Class In A Coat Tagged: Amusing | Funerals | West End | Theatre
East Midlands