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History Christmas Themed Presentation
Robert Hesketh Tagged: Local History | Live Music | Heritage | Entertainment
South West
History Christmas Traditions Around the World
Robert Hesketh Tagged: Rites | History | International | Live Music
South West
Entertainment Devon Composers
Robert Hesketh Tagged: Entertainment | Folklore | Heritage | Live Music
South West
Entertainment Devon Land and Sea Piano Presentation
Robert Hesketh Tagged: Live Music | Entertainment | Electronics | Inspiration
South West
Entertainment Experiences of China & Recording for Downton Abbey
Amick Productions Tagged: China | Downton Abbey | Live Music | Mandarin
Entertainment Halloween Themed Musical Presentation
Robert Hesketh Tagged: Entertainment | Live Music | Folklore | Heritage
South West
Entertainment Late-Flowering Lyricist
Miranda Pender Tagged: Inspiration | Humour | Live Music | Story Telling
South West
Entertainment Life At Sea
Tamarin Fountain Tagged: Biography | Travel | Entertainment | Live Music
Entertainment Lifting the Lid
Miranda Pender Tagged: Family History | Humour | Story Telling | Live Music
South West
Entertainment Lumina – Music for Commoners and Courtiers:
Sun Jester Tagged: History | Entertainment | Live Music | Tudors
Entertainment simply swing
Simply Swing Tagged: Entertainment | Live Music
East Midlands
Entertainment Spring Concert (piano, recorder and singing)
Robert Hesketh Tagged: Live Music | Entertainment | Culture
South West
Entertainment St. George’s Day/Shakespeare Themed Presentation
Robert Hesketh Tagged: Live Music | Literature | Heritage | History
South West
Entertainment The Bob and Dot Show - Vintage musical entertainment:
Sun Jester Tagged: Entertainment | Live Music | History | People
History The Nation's Favourite Opera Arias Explained
Helen Astrid Tagged: Opera | Live Music | Henry Purcell | Arias


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