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East Midlands
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Short (maybe less than one month's notice)

I am an historic trader, semi professional actor and have been giving talks for about 20 years to a variety of venues including Historic groups and Battlefield Societies. I present my talks in costume as a Medieval Cunning woman, with a range of found and made objects to help people see life through the eyes of ordinary Medieval men and women.

My talks. They are informative, amusing, theatrical and presented in the First Person in Medieval costume. They are “stand alone” talks and so can be presented anywhere. They last about one hour, plus extra time for questions.

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History Concealed Objects and Written Charms; Protection in the Medieval Period
Elaine Perkins Tagged: Amusing | Folklore | Medieval | Superstitions
East Midlands
History Herbs and plants, protection in the Medieval Period
Elaine Perkins Tagged: Medieval | Herbalism | Superstitions | Folklore
East Midlands