Monument Valley and The Navajo Tribe.

Margaret Gilman

East Midlands
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: £80 plus travel expenses based on costs and time involved.
6th July 2018
Adventure Travel | Culture | Landscapes | People

This Presentation begins with a short introduction of my arrival from Denver, Colorado, across the Rockies to reach the Navajo reservation in Monument Valley. I include some details of the history of the tribal people and the formation of the landscape in the area.

The majority of the presentation features the time I spent off-road in Arizona with a member of the Navajo American Indian Tribe. I have numerous photographs of the lives and work of the tribe and details of the Navajo culture.

The first and final slides are set to Navajo music.

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About Margaret Gilman

I was born in Cheshire and educated at St. Helen’s grammar school where I studied A levels in 3 foreign languages before deciding that I didn’t enjoy the literature side of this. So, I switched to Maths, Further Maths and Physics A levels instead and did these in a year at St. Helen’s Technical College on a course especially designed for me!! This enabled me to go to Manchester University when I was 17, where I achieved a B.Sc. Hons. (1st class) by the time I was 20.

I now live in beautiful Rutland with my husband. My married daughter lives locally, so I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren. My married son lives in Kent but I still manage to see him and his family whenever possible.

I take a local Italian class (unpaid) and still learn Italian, as well as German, Hungarian and have started Russian. I do these four languages every day using Duolingo. My other interests are twice-weekly tai’ chi classes, playing my vibraphone, piano accordion and autoharp, as well as singing and going to Verdi operas whenever I can.

There is never enough time in the day.........

All my Presentations are done using PowerPoint, each with varying amounts of music and using mainly my own photographs. The talks last between 50 and 60 minutes, dependent on your requirements. I have three from which you can choose. The Verdi one is my personal favourite and seems to appeal to all, whether they have any interest in classical music or not.

I bring my own high-powered laptop but need the venue to supply an UP-TO-DATE digital projector, compatible with modern, high-powered laptops and a sound system, otherwise the pictures are not visible! Someone will need to link the equipment to my laptop.

Fees vary according to distance travelled. I live in LE15 in the East Midlands. Close to Oakham, I charge £80. Further away, I add on travel expenses. I prefer daytime talks.

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