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Entertainment It’s my funeral.
Alex Hall Tagged: Emmerdale | Tv Programmes | Radio
North East
Entertainment James Bond - A Hollywood Social History Lesson !
Katharine Collett Tagged: James Bond | After Dinner Entertainment | 1960S Music
South East
Entertainment Jewish East End 18c to early 20c.
Howard Slater Tagged: History Talks Speakers
Entertainment Keep the sea on your left……remember to turn right at Lands’ End !
Chris O'Grady Tagged: Light-Hearted | Walking | Kindness | Adventure
Entertainment Late-Flowering Lyricist
Miranda Pender Tagged: Inspiration | Humour | Live Music | Story Telling
South West
Entertainment Laughing my way around the world
Ian Maber Tagged: Humourous | Biography | Travel | Public Speaking
East Midlands
Entertainment Laurie Lee; His Life & Works
Jonathan Jones Tagged: Literature | Poetry
South East
Entertainment Legacy songs of screen and stage
Katharine Collett Tagged: After Dinner Entertainment | Monthly Meetings | Afternoon Tea
South East
Entertainment Legend of Marilyn Monroe
Howard Slater Tagged: Acters | Artist | Cinema
Entertainment Lifting the Lid
Miranda Pender Tagged: Family History | Humour | Story Telling | Live Music
South West
Entertainment Literary quiz
irene yvelyn Tagged: Quiz | Literature | Novels
North West
Entertainment Lost in Translation
Ian Maber Tagged: Comedy | Humourous | Humour | Public Speaking
East Midlands
Entertainment Lucky Breaks
Colin Bower Tagged: Unbelievable
Entertainment Lumina – Music for Commoners and Courtiers:
Sun Jester Tagged: History | Entertainment | Live Music | Tudors
Entertainment Lust and Revenge: the passion of the night sky
Janet Dowling Tagged: Storytelling | Stars | Greek Myths | Constellations
South West

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