F. E. Burroughes.

Details of talks given by F. E. Burroughes.

South West
Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)

A well-known and experienced Lecturer and After-Dinner Speaker for W.Is, Rotary Clubs, Round Tables, U3As, and special interest groups and societies. Francis is on the W.I Speakers List of most Counties in the South West. His talks do not require any special equipment, and for those which are illustrated Francis brings his own equipment.

He is available during the day, and at short notice, and will travel all over the South West, including Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Hampshire, Dorset, Somerset and Devon. He askes for his petrol expenses, and a donation towards his chosen charity, and suggests a fee of £1 per member attending, up to a maximum of £60 - £70.

More details about his talks can be found on his website, www.burroughes.uk

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Listed talks

History The Wonderful World of Glass
F. E. Burroughes. Tagged: Antiques | Glass | Design | Craft
South West
History A Victorian Head Gardener
F. E. Burroughes. Tagged: Gardens | General And Local History | Plants | Social
South West
Entertainment Seated One Day at the Organ. . .
F. E. Burroughes. Tagged: Amusing | Music
South West
Entertainment Don't Put Your Daughter on the Stage!
F. E. Burroughes. Tagged: Humour
South West
History Dancing through a War
F. E. Burroughes. Tagged: Nursing | Second War | Biographical | General And Local History
South West
Hobbies Illegal Immigrants
F. E. Burroughes. Tagged: Gardening History
South West
Entertainment Can You Play Jerusalem For Us?
F. E. Burroughes. Tagged: Humour And Interest
South West
Travel Things You Miss About Paris
F. E. Burroughes. Tagged: Travel
South West