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I pride myself on being an inspirational speaker whose message motivates and encourages while being challenging. With a knack for rousing excitement and engaging my audience, I draw on my life experience, business acumen, and interpersonal skills to connect with my audience, enabling participants to internalise the intended message and ignite transformative change, both personally and professionally.

An accomplished leader, empowering coach, proficient trainer and passionate communicator, I bring a wealth of expertise, insight, and energy to my presentations. My powerful messages resonate with people all over the world, from entrepreneurs to corporate professionals, non-profits and women's groups. My formula for success is easily transferable across industries and fuels audiences with the inspiration to believe and achieve all possibilities.

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Life Skills Put First Things First - is there ever enough time or money to have a balance?
Martha Da Cosme Tagged: Health And Well-Being | Time Management | Personal Development | Finance
Uncategorised Breaking the mould – now that’s courageous leadership!
Martha Da Cosme Tagged: Leadership | Personal Development | Business | Corporate
Uncategorised Demystifying Change - is change really the problem?
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Uncategorised Stepping up – A bigger picture and wider perspective.
Martha Da Cosme Tagged: Leadership | Personal Development | Business | Corporate
Life Skills Sorry I'm Not Sorry! - being unapologetically you!
Martha Da Cosme Tagged: Feminine Leadership | Personal Development | Confidence | Motivation