Breaking the mould – now that’s courageous leadership!

Martha Da Cosme

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10th December 2019
Leadership | Personal Development | Business | Corporate

Leaders are this, leaders are that; leaders should this, leaders should that; leaders can’t this and leaders can’t that. These are entrenched assumptions about leadership thus, straying from them can feels like career suicide when in fact the opposite is true.

Mark Zuckerberg is only in his 30s and is one of the most successful leaders in the world. Why? Because he hires for passion over skill (you can’t teach passion).

Billionaire Jack Ma gained his wealth leading his company in a big, brash way, exhorting his employees to “think big” and “work for their dreams!”

Business magnate Steve Jobs was an unconventional leader. Not consultative or consensus building but a blunt ‘high-maintenance co-worker’ who demanded excellence and revolutionised the computer industry.

My Leadership Mantra – High Expectations, No Excuse!

What's yours?

Learn how to be courageous, break the mould and stand out from the crowd as other great leaders do.

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About Martha Da Cosme

I pride myself on being an inspirational speaker whose message motivates and encourages while being challenging. With a knack for rousing excitement and engaging my audience, I draw on my life experience, business acumen, and interpersonal skills to connect with my audience, enabling participants to internalise the intended message and ignite transformative change, both personally and professionally.

An accomplished leader, empowering coach, proficient trainer and passionate communicator, I bring a wealth of expertise, insight, and energy to my presentations. My powerful messages resonate with people all over the world, from entrepreneurs to corporate professionals, non-profits and women's groups. My formula for success is easily transferable across industries and fuels audiences with the inspiration to believe and achieve all possibilities.

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