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South East
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I have been writing for publication since I was a student; a career that has allowed me to explore a number of subjects to the point of being an expert with a fund of stories. At the end of the last century I founded the UK's first higher education course in Professional Writing. Over the years I have written and spoken on a range of subjects but am currently offering three talks based on life-long interests and passions. All of these talks are negotiable in terms of length, the range of examples brought into any discussion and the extent to which hard facts and humour are included. More than anything I am happy to negotiate each event to take into account the needs of an audience.

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Getting a Break as a Writer
Neil Nixon Tagged: Writing | Creative Writing | Journalism | Authors
South East
Beatles Myths and Legends
Neil Nixon Tagged: Beatles | Pop Music | Popular Culture | Mystery
South East
UFOs, Aliens and the Battle for the Truth
Neil Nixon Tagged: Ufo | Aliens | Mystery | Mystery Books
South East