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East of England
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Are you looking for a lively and informative talk that will keep you and your members interested? In the last five years I have given over 70 talks in East Anglia to organisations such as Women’s Institutes, Rotary, Inner Wheel and similar. I have a programme of a variety of talks, all with props, and am frequently asked back again, having been to many groups several times.

My background in tutoring adults ensures that talks are lively, entertaining and different - never dull. I am author of the best seller How to Choose the Right Craft for You.

Talks are supported by props which are usually passed around the audience. I am happy to run through the content of specific talks and can be contacted on 020 7834 1066.

I do not have a fixed fee, but ask for a donation which I then Gift Aid to the East Anglian Air Ambulance. Hopefully you will never need them, but if you do, I know they will come up trumps.

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Listed talks

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East of England
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Health Menstruation - Why are Periods such a Bleeding Shame?
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East of England
Uncategorised Saffron - Threads of Gold
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East of England
Hobbies Patchwork - textile art and quilts
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East of England
Uncategorised The Painted Face – Historic and modern cosmetics
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