My RAF Armourer experiences over 24 years.

Andy White

East of England
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6th March 2022
Aviation | Aircraft | Raf | Military

I spent 24 years as an Armourer starting as a Junior Technician after a 2 year apprenticeship and I held the rank of Chief Technician when I left. I worked on Phantoms , Jaguars and Harriers with a bit of Tornado thrown in at the end. I worked on various bases both in U.K. and Germany and on different squadrons with roles from air defence to nuclear strike. My time took me to the Falkland Islands in 1985 and Dhahran in Saudi Arabia for the run up and duration of the 1st Gulf War. I back my talk up with items and photographs I obtained during my service using my projector. I can tailor my talk to a particular area of my service or to fit a timeframe as needed.

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About Andy White

I served as an Armourer in the RAF for 24 years from 1969 to 1993. During that time I served on various bases and squadrons in U.K. and Germany. I did numerous overseas detachments which included the Falkland Islands and Saudi Arabia during the 1st Gulf War. I have done a couple of talks which were well received so I thought I would try and keep things going. I have recently given a talk about my Phantom years to the Martlesham Heath Aviation Society which was very well received. I can vary my talk to suit the audience and the time allowed and generally speak to the organisers to find out the type of audience I will be addressing. Hope this helps.

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