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East Midlands
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Mike Ogden is a retired town planner. He lived on a narrowboat for many years, and cruised the inland waterway system extensively. His talks on various subjects are well researched, entertainingly presented and very well received.

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Travel Hotels In The Sky: The Zeppelin Years, 1900-1937
Mike Ogden Tagged: Aviation | Transport | History
East Midlands
Travel The Slow Road - a Journey around the English inland waterways.
Mike Ogden Tagged: Canals | Rivers
East Midlands
History The Seed of Kings - Tracing the Bloodline of the British Monarchy.
Mike Ogden Tagged: History | Royalty
East Midlands
History A Palace by a River: a History and a Tour of the Houses of Parliament.
Mike Ogden Tagged: History | Politics | Architecture
East Midlands
Uncategorised The Sky's the Limit - a (more or less) affectionate history of the skyscraper.
Mike Ogden Tagged: Architecture | Art Deco | Film Clips | Skyscrapers
East Midlands