Hotels In The Sky: The Zeppelin Years, 1900-1937

Mike Ogden

East Midlands
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Paid: £40 + travel from Worksop
12th January 2017
Aviation | Transport | History

This presentation, arising from the research for my novel ÒThe Goddess of FreedomÓ, celebrates a lost technology and a lost way of travelling the world. I have assembled a wealth of information about this remarkable part of aviation history, when aeroplanes were slow, unreliable, uncomfortable and short-range, and the future of air travel seemed to belong to the airship.

The talk, lasting an hour, is richly illustrated with photographs and original newsreel footage. Audiences can savour the unique pleasure of travelling by Zeppelin, and experience the awful moment when THE ZEPPELIN YEARS came to a sudden, violent end.

My website has more details. The talk is available in the North Notts/North Derbys/South Yorks area during the months October to April. At a cost of £40

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About Mike Ogden

Mike Ogden is a retired town planner. He lived on a narrowboat for many years, and cruised the inland waterway system extensively. His talks on various subjects are well researched, entertainingly presented and very well received.

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