Victorian scientists and inventors: the good, the bad and the “what were they thinking?”

Anne, The Bustle Lady

Yorkshire & Humber
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18th March 2024

The Victorian age was characterised by a vast expansion of scientific and technical knowledge. A large number of Victorian inventions are still in daily use today. Others proved disastrous, and a few are just bizarre. This talk covers a range of well-known Victorian scientists and inventors, as well as some lost in obscurity.

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About Anne, The Bustle Lady

Anne, The Bustle Lady, covers the period 1875 to 1888 - the era when the Bustle Dress was the height of fashion, but also the most interesting period of Victorian history. Anne covers a wide range of aspects of social history, Sheffield history, and the district of Crookes in particular. History talks can be delivered in full authentic bustle dress costume, with accessories and using genuine antique artefacts to illustrate the talk.

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