The Life and Afterlife of William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims

Adrian Gray

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27th September 2021
Mayflower | Pilgrim Fathers | Nottinghamshire | Lincolnshire

The main elements of the Mayflower Pilgrim story are well known, but this talk focuses on how that story came to be known and in some ways grew in the telling. The British Army stole the best evidence, which was rediscovered following some amazing historical detection, but in the years since monuments have been put up to claim a version of the true story. Some of these are in the wrong place and some of them are just...wrong.

It is an enthralling story of great heroism and commercial skullduggery!

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About Adrian Gray

I am a Cambridge-educated historian with around 25 published books on a variety of historical topics which you can see on my Amazon author page at:

I specialise in the counties of Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, but I also speak on a number of national issues such as Victorian crime and social history, the history of religious freedom, and the history of education and government inspection (which is a lot more interesting than it sounds!). I am one of the leaders of local community efforts to develop Christian heritage for tourism in Notts and Lincs, leading up to 'Mayflower 400' but also including the many other ways in which people from the region have helped to change the world.

I provide a range of lively and fully-illustrated talks that can be tailored for local needs. You can email me for a full list of talks. I am a skilled presenter having worked as a teacher for many years and also as a tour guide in my home area.

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