Be a Star at Setting Boundaries (Online)

Nancy Radford

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Life Skills
22nd January 2021
Boundaries | Conflict | Life Lessons

This interactive talk can be adapted to either include either my Saying No Nicely talk or Effective Feedback Or go into depth and allow participants time to practice skills.

I’m a mediator and conflict coach. My purpose is to stop people arguing and start them talking. So why am I talking about setting boundaries and clarifying expectations? One of the most common cause of conflict is when boundaries crossed. And the most common reason for crossing boundaries is because people didn’t know they were there, or they were unclear. Many conflicts would not have occurred if people had defined their expectations or boundaries and said no nicely at the start. Course participants will receive ebook with exercises and tools from course

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About Nancy Radford

Nancy is a specialist in early conflict resolution, accredited as a civil and commercial mediator, and qualified as a trainer, business coach and personal coach. Her varied career included nursing, midwifery, business ownership, management and training, and all her roles involve helping others make life easier for themselves. Please note that Nancy works during the day so is available evenings only, although she might be available for daytime work if asked a week or less in advance Nancy says "As an accredited civil and commercial mediator, I often see people whose lives have been blighted by misunderstanding, businesses held back or relationships damaged. Usually, at the end of a successful mediation, someone says, "I wish we'd had this conversation earlier..." As a business and personal coach, I've seen charities struggling because directors don't get on, family businesses failing due to personality clashes and grief caused by disagreements. Having owned and worked in family businesses, I know the special strains (as well as the joys) these bring. It was this that led me to study why people behave the way they do and how to help them find their own solutions to stress and conflict."

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