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About me

I'm a public speaking coach with a background in software development. I now help women in business speak confidently and effectively to promote themselves and their businesses.

What to expect from my talks

My talks I offer here are based around my hobbies and I aim to share the more surprising aspects of the subject I'm covering. I try to be as flexible as I can; I can bring a presentation to add images to my talks or speak without them, I'm happy to present online or if you are close enough I'll be there with you in the room. If you'd like me to talk about poetry I'm happy to share my own or support you in a workshop.


I developed an interest in women's history when I began to research the lives of women in the early computer industry. I constantly asked 'why' and 'how' and by doing so have gathered a great deal of information, not just about those in computing, but also about attitudes around education and women's work in general.

With age comes wisdom - I wish! But it does give us a lot to reflect on. The poetry I write and perform includes a variety of styles, some with humour, some long, some short. I find it a fascinating way to connect with our inner thoughts, feelings and memories. I write for myself and others tell me it entertains them.

Public speaking began for me as a dreaded challenge and wasn't one I could ever envisage doing comfortably. As I faced the challenge it turned into a hobby and then I began to love it. Achieving my Distinguished Toastmaster Award in 2020 from Toastmasters International was the icing on the cake for me. I made it a profession but the talks I offer here are around my hobby interests.


I graduated as a shy Computer Science student in the 1980s and started a career in software development, just a couple of years before the world wide web appeared. Over the years I've worked in multiple roles building systems for a range of companies from orchestras to carrot growers. The industry can be much more engaging than many expect with constant new challenges, technologies and ways of working. In 2017 I decided to carve a new path in life but I still remain forever interested in software and the processes around it.


"Thank you so much for your talk this evening. It has certainly inspired me to do more in my community to encourage girls to pursue Computer Science at school and beyond. I really liked the way that you interwove general facts and statistics into the life story of Mary Lee. Lots of these facts were uncomfortable to hear and, as so many of us in the audience thought, why have women not moved on further?"


"Members found your talk interesting and entertaining – made many think of those times"

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