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Since taking early retirement aged 54 in 2014 I have developed a second career providing talks to various groups such as Women's Institutes, Probus, Retirement Clubs etc.

My professional life was spent making presentations to a wide range of groups. Now I am able to use the skills developed when working to enhance my talks about topics that are very close to my heart.

After giving a talk the following words have been used to describe my presentations.

"Fascinating", "extremely interesting and witty", "your talk must be unique: not only that but you speak very naturally" "You are such a positive and inspiring person"

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Entertainment My walking Pilgrimage from Pershore, Worcestershire to Rome, Italy
Chris O'Grady Tagged: Adventure Travel | Pilgrimage | Light-Hearted | Travel/ Romanticism
Entertainment Fakes & Fortunes, Art & Antiques, Forgers & Dealers
Chris O'Grady Tagged: Art | Antiques | Collecting | Stories
Entertainment Keep the sea on your left……remember to turn right at Lands’ End
Chris O'Grady Tagged: Light-Hearted | Walking | Kindness | Adventure
History Rembrandt: The Artist’s life discovered through his self portraits
Chris O'Grady Tagged: Art | Paintings | Selfies | Art History