Fakes & Fortunes, Art & Antiques, Forgers & Dealers

Chris O'Grady

Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Paid: 2018 Talks £50 - 2019 Talks £60 - plus travel expenses
25th April 2018
Art | Antiques | Collecting | Stories

A light hearted journey through the pleasures and pitfalls of collecting art and antiques.

The challenges we all face when tempted to buy art and antiques.

Why we collect, where one might buy and how to avoid those rascals, the forgers.

Able as part of the event, to give informal appraisals (in public or private), of any item members of the audience would like to bring along.

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About Chris O'Grady

Since taking early retirement aged 54 in 2014 I have developed a second career providing talks to various groups such as Women's Institutes, Probus, Retirement Clubs etc.

My professional life was spent making presentations to a wide range of groups. Now I am able to use the skills developed when working to enhance my talks about topics that are very close to my heart.

After giving a talk the following words have been used to describe my presentations.

"Fascinating", "extremely interesting and witty", "your talk must be unique: not only that but you speak very naturally" "You are such a positive and inspiring person"

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