North of the Border: From Canal to Craigellachie

Ray Schofield

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4th October 2021
Trains | Travel | Scotland

This is my third 'Scottish Journey' using pictures. This time we travel north from Carlisle via the wild Waverley route to Edinburgh, then into and out of the Kingdom of Fife via the world's first train ferrys each superseded by a notable and a notorious bridge over the Forth and the Tay respectively. The journey takes us onto the Highland to finish via the Strathspey and Whisky lines at Craigellachie, a former remote junction in Morayshire. All with steam traction, and many taken on my c.25 visits over the border from 1963 to now. The last of a trilogy of Scottish talks.

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About Ray Schofield

Retired Chartered Engineer who currently undertakes some tour management for UK worldwide rail travel company. Widely travelled, much of which is independent, around the 5 continents of the world plus Aus and NZ. Visited parts that most others haven’t e.g., North Korea, Pakistan, Eritrea, Paraguay, Syria ....... Talks are generally associated with trains (mostly nostalgic steam) the railways themselves and associated historical aspects. Talks tailored to audience, whether knowledgeable on subject or not and using primarily own photo material and research from own comprehensive specialised library. A talk could be the development of railways in your own area, or another area c/w with anecdotes. It could be a certain part of the world e.g. Indian sub-continent, or All quiet on the Western Front, a short talk on the trench railways used by the 4 main protagonists in this war theatre.

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