Non verbal communication....the science of body language

Chris Hallam

CHCS ltd
East Midlands
Rotary, Charity,Professionals Hobby
Life Skills
29th May 2017

An enjoyable and informative look at a subject everyone thinks they know all about.

About Chris Hallam


Outside of my career at Lloyds Banking Group I have been developing my coaching skills over the years in a number of disciplines. I am a great believer in the power of coaching and how it can be transformation in performance both inside and outside sport.

My coaching achievements include

2009 – 2011 FIBA Europe Coaching certificate (Munich)

2006 – 2013 Team GB / Basketball England (Various positions on the national teams including Coach, Team Manager, Head of delegation at two European championships) Coached in 21 different European countries from Russia to Greece.

1994 – 2005 Football League Referee.

1988- 2000 UKTF Taekwondo 3rd Dan black belt Instructor – British and English Champion.

As a result of this extensive elite coaching experience I set up CH Coaching Solutions (CHCS) in 2008 to bring together my commercial and sporting skills. The business is centered on the Individual / team dynamic and uses various tools and techniques to help individuals and teams to understand how to maximize performance. From personality profiling and body language coaching through to team construction and goal setting the business has been supporting a number of organisations and institutions in industry, education and sport to get the most out of their key resource - the people.

The business now offers four core products

  1. Profiling – using various models to predict how individuals and teams work together, including supporting the recruitment process for new team members.

  2. Executive Coaching – including Non-verbal communication, CBT, NLP etc.

  3. Teambuilding – including restructuring, repurposing and refocusing existing teams.

  4. Creativity and Innovation – supporting team through the creative process and helping them turn these ideas into innovations that have real business value.

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