Cognitive Diversity

Chris Hallam

CH Coaching Solutions Ltd
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19th November 2020
Diversity | Thinking | Psychology | Teambuilding

How diverse is your thinking?

How differently do you see the world from those around you?

How good are you at tapping into others ways of thinking?

This presentation will help you see the world differently.

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About Chris Hallam

Human to Human Change Fundamentally we are a coaching business that helps humans to change their behaviours.

Chris Hallam – our Founder- has spent over 30 years working for and with some of the most iconic brands in Banking, Construction, IT and Retail. He is a behavioural psychologist who underpins his work and that of his associates with a deep understanding of how we think. He holds a number of Non-Executive Directorships and is an internationally accredited coach, a part of Team GB Basketball and led the World Transplant Games Basketball Team to a silver medal in 2019. What is different about this consultancy is that we think differently. We recognise only by coming together can we tackle the challenges of today’s world. Our collective future depends on our ability to collaborate.

“The strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” ― Rudyard Kipling

We believe that the only way forward for organisations is to harness the power of the collective, the group, the team, the wider community. To this end they need to understand how diverse their thinking is, how self-aware they and their people are and that all humans desire something great to follow, an ideal, a dream an inspirational leader…in short something worthy of their effort.

Our Offer therefore is in three areas… Cognitive Diversity - the inclusion of people who have different styles of problem-solving and can offer unique perspectives because they think differently. We have a diagnostic tool to uncover how diverse your teams thinking is. SMS. (Self-Awareness - Motivation – Skill) – The basis for coaching humans proven time and time again to get results and used by elite teams across the globe. Being self-aware is a precursor to any behaviour change. Followship Rules – A whole paradigm shift for organisations. Followship is a choice. Are you being followed? Who do you follow and how? Followship changes the leadership conversation forever.

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