Laos, A Deadly Legacy. Removing Unexploded Bombs from the Vietnam War

Jim Holmes

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7th January 2021
Laos | Vietnam War | Charities | Humanitarian Aid

The war in Vietnam left its landlocked neighbour Laos, carpeted with unexploded items which are killing and maiming farmers and foragers to this day.

I work with organisations to document the detection, excavation and destruction of explosive devices remaining from this conflict, from small anti-personnel ‘bombies’ through to 2000lb bombs dropped from B52s, which still lie active in the earth.

Let me take you through the lush Lao landscape to discover Ho Chi Minh trail remains and see the work done by an army of expert deminers as they disable and destroy these deadly devices.

As an agricultural economy relies upon its fields, the rural Lao population has been using land that is littered with explosive devices for over 40 years and some areas are still off limits. There are no assignments more nerve wracking than working with a UXO (unexploded ordnance) team as we crouch near a huge explosive device of uncertain safety.

Donations can be made to charities which are working to make land safe again, as part of this lecture.

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About Jim Holmes

I am a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a professional documentary photographer that specialises in worldwide humanitarian and environmental assignments from my base in Chester. Having been based in South East Asia for 20 years, living in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia then also in Japan, I bring first-hand experience to all my presentations.

My talks are unique, entertaining and informative, bringing together the best of my photography and the research and experiences my assignments offered me, all in some of the world's most fascinating locations.

My talks are of interest to general audiences, but also engage with the photographers, geographers, humanitarians, travellers and the scientific community in your group! I have worked in this niche specialisation for 30 years and I recommend a viewing of my website to get a better picture of what I mean: My talks are passionate, professional and thought provoking, richly illustrated with dynamic images that bring together the issues of photography, remote areas travel, environmental and cultural subjects and the history of an area.

Please consider my talks for your future plans. My schedule books up well in advance, although I am sometimes able to step in at short notice if you have a speaker cancellation, it is always worth asking.

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