From Twang to Bang

Mike Wabe

Medieval World
East of England
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: £45 plus travel
2nd January 2020
Amusing | Entertainment | Humour | Military History

Learn how and why we went from using a bow and arrows, which relied on muscle-power, to using gunpowder in a musket.

Discover what an English longbow was made from, and how we acquired the the wood. Learn about how our archers were trained and the arrows they shot (NOT fired!). Find out about bowyers and fletchers and just how skilled they were. Hear about the successes achieved by English archers in battle, and learn about the archery terms we still use today.

Find out about the reasons for the change to gunpowder and the prominence of Pikemen.

Hear how muskets developed from this and how they were loaded and fired. Handle the shot that emerged from their barrels. Discover the range of these weapons and how accurate (or not) they were. Hear the grisly details of the wounds they caused , and how those wounds compare with wounds caused by modern bullets. Learn about the musketry terms we still use today.

PLEASE NOTE - the audience is encouraged to handle the items, but the muskets may only be handled UNDER THE DIRECT SUPERVISION OF THE PRESENTER.

The presentation lasts for about 60 minutes.

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About Mike Wabe

My work history is 29 years a police officer, followed by 4 years as a manager for Autoglass, then by 10 years as a prison officer and ending with 3 years as an Inclusion Manager in a secondary school. I am now a Town Crier, a wedding Toastmaster, run my own murder mystery business and have been a speaker for over 14 years. My website ( gives details of the talks and presentations I can offer.

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