Crime and Punishment, from the Anglo Saxons to present day

Eric Jackson

Yorkshire & Humber
Notice Period:
Emergency (maybe less than one week's notice)
Local and family historian
Paid: £35 + travel expenses over 15 miles from home
9th October 2019
History; | Law And Order | Punishment

A journey through crime and punishment from the time of Alfred the Great up to the present day. What crimes were committed in Saxon England and how were they dealt with, the development of the jury system to replace trial by ordeal or combat. Punishments of old, the arrival of the Normans, some typical cases from the middle ages and later 18th century. The establishment of the Quarter Sessions and Assizes, the introduction of prison as the principal means of punishment. Capital punishment and its abolition. Well illustrated with over forty PowerPoint slides, and some thought-provoking statistics at the end.

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About Eric Jackson

I’ve a life-long interest in history, especially local and social history, the kind that relates to real people and I love sharing my passion with others. I've been actively engaged in family and local history for over thirty years and have written many articles for various publications on some of the subjects of my talks. I am a former trustee of the Federation of Family History Societies; a trustee of the Pontefract & Ackworth Almshouse Charity and secretary of the Pontefract & District Family History Society. Until 2016 I had been a magistrate for twenty four years and I have a keen interest in the history of the office of Justice of the Peace. I enjoy travel, meeting new people, helping them in their research and talking to them about subjects that interest me, and which hopefully they will also find interesting. All my talks are accompanied by extensive Power Point presentations and I have my own computer, projector, extension lead and screen, all you have to provide is a table and a 3 pin socket outlet. All my electrical equipment is PAT approved. I will also give talks in a virtual environment and can assist group organisers in setting up a virtual talk.

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