When was it best to be ill?

Andrew Relf

South East
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Professional, a Specialised & Passionate Collector ideal for U3A & Rotary
Expensed: Travel (Fuel) Expenses and usually a Charity Donation
17th August 2019
Medicine | Medical | General And Local History

When was it best to be ill?

A light hearted and illustrated time line of ‘Medical Milestones’ and how things in medicine are not always what it seems. Cataracts to Radioactive Suppositories, it’s not always what you think !

Approx. 50 – 60 minute PowerPoint presentation without Medical Jargon, explaining things in everyday language and showing what is now deemed bad was once supposed to cure you!

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About Andrew Relf

Semi-retired with over 35 years working within the NHS and latterly the Pharmaceutical Industry, it was during my tenure within the NHS that my initial interest of collecting began with pharmacy and other related medical related disciplines.

I am now a Medical Historian and restorer & dealer in Medical Antiques, specialising in Medical & Surgical Instruments. I have put East of England / East Anglia as a Region but happy to be flexible regarding some other areas of the country.

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