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Yorkshire & Humber
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I first went to China in 1996 and lived there 2006 - 2010 so I have a lot of experience of living and experiencing life in many parts of China. I have a variety of talks about different aspects about the ways Chinese live and my experiences living and traveling in China. I revisited in 2015 and planning to go again in 2020. 3 of my 6 talks are listed, nearly every time the comment is that wasn't like holiday slides, I am able to give an insight into how life really is for people in China. I am willing to be contacted at short notice to see if I can cover and help you out, as well as taking bookings for you future plans.

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Travel Contrasts in China - A Look at Life in the Cities and Countryside
Sheila Lum Tagged: China | Culture | Lifestyle | People
Yorkshire & Humber
History China's Great Wall Varies a Lot
Sheila Lum Tagged: China | History
Yorkshire & Humber
Travel Can't Speak Chinese but travelling alone
Sheila Lum Tagged: China | People | Lifestyle | Culture
Yorkshire & Humber